Creative Destruction Weapons: Know Your Guns

Creative Destruction Weapons

There are variety of weapons available in the creative destruction game. Today we will look at all the creative destruction weapons and understand each gun type with its features.

Creative Destruction employs all the essential aspects of a Battle Royale genre games to create an exciting and addictive gameplay.

Players can loot, gather resources, build structures, hide in these structures, and, most importantly – shoot other players.

A basic understanding of the weapons in the game is essential to becoming a master shooter. Here’s a quick guide on all the creative destruction weapons you can use.

Creative Destruction Weapons Guide

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Pistols :–

Creative Destruction Best Pistols

Pistols are commonly found as soon as you land. These weapons don’t come of much use in the later stages.

However, if you can’t find any weapons, keep hold of a pistol as they are definitely more effective than your dismantler or your bare hands. Ranked below are all the pistols in the game-

  1. 92F: Firing Rate – 42, Range – 100, Power – 28
  2. P357: Firing Rate – 14, Range -100, Power – 60
  3. P229: Firing Rate – 28 Range – 100, Power – 30


Creative Destruction Best Shotguns

A fun weapon that is extremely effective in one on one combat situations. One well-aimed shotgun blast is enough to kill an opponent. Ranked below are all the shotguns in the game –

  1.        DTR: Firing Rate – 20, Range – 13, Power – 144
  2.      S1897: Firing Rate – 8, Range – 13, Power – 270

Sub Machine Guns:–

Creative Destruction Best Submachine Gun

The best weapon of choice for mid-range shooting. These weapons have low-recoil and are extremely effective in close spaces.

However, you will need an AR/Sniper for long-distance shooting. Ranked below are all the Sub Machine Guns in the game –

  1. UMP9: Firing Rate – 74, Range -100, Power – 26
  2. UZI: Firing Rate – 100, Range – 100, Power – 22

A newly introduced Sub Machine Guns in the game is the PL PLASMA SMG.

Assault Rifles:–

Creative Destruction Best Assault Rifles

The centre of attraction in most shooting games, ARs work the best in all scenarios, both long and close-range.

These are must-haves for every player’s arsenal. Ranked below are the top ARs in the game –

  1. SCAR: Firing Rate – 58, Range – 100, Power – 30
  2. AK47: Firing Rate – 50 Range – 100 Power – 37
  3. BHS: Firing Rate – 50, Range – 100, Power – 31
  4. XM8: Firing Rate – 100, Range – 100, Power – 28

(The ST40 Power Rifle is not included as it is not amongst the best ARs)

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Creative Destruction Best Sniper Rifles

Hard to find and hard to use, mastering the snipers on Creative Destruction isn’t easy.

However, once you do master it, the rewards are equally fulfilling. One headshot and your opponent stand no chance. Check out this amazing video guide on earning them all: Here’s a quick ranking of all the best snipers in the game –

  1. AWP: Power – 99, Range – 100, Firing Rate – 5
  2. PSG-1: Power – 65, Range – 100, Firing Rate – 20
  3. VSS: Power – 42, Range – 100, Firing Rate – 25

Special Weapons:-

Creative Destruction Best Special Weapons

Mini-guns, RPGs, flamethrowers and grenade launchers – these are the four unbelievably strong special weapons on Creative Destruction.

These are extremely rare to find, so if you do find one, hold on to it!

In addition to these guns, you’ll also get to gather grenades, threaten bombs, and bowling bombs.

Now that you know which weapons are the most effective, use of this knowledge to gain an upper-hand on your opponent! Happy shooting.

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