How to Keep Your Sims Energized in the Sims Mobile Game – A Complete Guide

How to Keep Your Sims Energized

With over 40 million downloads, The Sims Mobile game is by far one of the most popular life-simulation games on iOS and Android Devices.

The game has a healthy community of players online who regularly discuss better ways to earn Simoleons and Sim Cash. However, an underrated aspect of the game is Energy.

The Importance of Energy in the Sims Mobile Game

Importance of Energy in the Sims Mobile

Energy is the most essential in-game items that all players of the Sims Mobile must have a clear understanding of. Without Energy, Sims will not be able to carry out any activities.

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In the Sims Mobile Game, your Sims don’t need any resources to survive. But, without Energy, your Sims will have no motivation to do anything. Hence, you won’t be able to create an exciting story arc.

Earning more resources in the game is the only and the best way to play the game without investing your real money. To help you with earning the resources like simcash and other things, here is a that may help you with earning in the game.

In addition to making your Sims sleep (which they will do naturally), you can recharge their energy bars in a lot of ways. Here’s the strategy you need to adopt –

  • Check for Energy – After the new update, the Sims Mobile has made it much easier to energize your Sims. First, tap the energy bar to check the availability of objects that can be used to recharge their energy levels. Each object comes with a limited energy capacity. They can boost your Sims’ energy levels in just 5 seconds. First, use the available objects.
  • Cupcakes – Once you run out of objects, you can use a cupcake to get 30 Energy Points. Complete all eight daily tasks to get a free cupcake. You can also spend 75 Simoleons to get five cupcakes (this is an expensive option). You can also get free cupcakes as a daily login reward (this reward isn’t available every day).
  • Sleep – When you Sims take a nap, half of the energy-motive bar gets refilled. Plus, you get four experience points. The sleeping option is available once every 23 hours. Make sure your Sims get their daily sleep so that you get free energy points.
  • Use the Toilet – For every visit to the toilet, your Sims earn a small amount of Energy. Plus, you get two experience points. Available every 2 hours, this is an easy way to keep your Sims constantly energized.
  • Take Baths and Showers – This option isn’t highly recommended, as purchasing a bathtub will cost you at least 150 Sim Cash. The lowest-priced bathtub is the Ultra Spramp Grime-B-Gone. Priced at 150 Sim Cash, you can only use it once each 45 hours. Baths in the bathtub only give your three experience points. Your energy bar will be refilled by 50% for every bath you take.

The better option is to have your Sims visit the shower. Available every 5 hours, each trip to the shower earns you a few energy points and two experience points.

Usage of Energy

Energy is vital to finish the events you participate in the Hobby and Career centers. You can also use energy bars to take part in Special and Social events.

The best strategy is to consistently check the energy levels of your Sims and use as many free objects as possible. Spend Sim Cash on cupcakes only when you need urgent energy points to compete in events.

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