Pixel Car Racer Review – Complete Features of Game

Are you a fan of great sports cars? Do you like car racing? Then Pixel Car Racer is the ultimate game for you.

A racing games becomes more exciting when you have great models of cars. And that is what you will get in this particular game.

The game is for those who like to experience the ultimate level of car racing. Many game developers come up with the bike and car racing games for the android platform.

But not all are perfect. Pixel Car Racer is undoubtedly going to amaze you with its unique design and features.

When you are playing the game, you must know of the great features that it offers.

Complete Pixel Car Racer Review with Its Features

1.     Great Designs

So what is that factor which makes thousands of gamers become a fan of eh game? Well, the pixel graphics and the attractive designs of the cars is the first point to draw attention.

Add to it the exotic locations which complete the aura of the game. Right from the beginning of the development of such racing games, players have a fascination with the car models.

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The more realistic the look of the cars is, the better will be the experience of all players.

Moreover, when the beautiful scenery appears on the sides of the tracks while racing, you cannot help appreciating the sheer precision of the developers.

2.     Log in Through Social Media

Now coming to another important fact. You will be happy to hear that you can directly start playing the game by logging in from your social media account.

Almost every people are on social media accounts. So use any of the accounts to log in. It will be easier to save the progress of the game too when you exit the game for the day.

Moreover, you will be happy to get many additional benefits and rewards on signing in through social media accounts.

When you reach a higher level and possess many cars, it becomes a bit difficult to save progress unless you are playing through the social media account.

3.     Wonderful Car Interiors

In the real world, every car lover likes to remodel the interior of their cars often. Then why won’t the same apply when it comes to your vehicles in the game?

Keeping that in mind, the game offers you the option to change the interior design of the car as per the preference of the players.

You can do any design to your car with sufficient amount of game resources that you need to earn or buy in the game. To know how to get in-game resources like free diamonds and cash, you can use several legit hacks for the game mentioned on pixel car racer hack tool blog at warcouncil.org

Modifications are available with various options. It gives you the freedom to design your car interior before you start a new race.

4.     Manual Gears

When you are playing Pixel Car Racer, we can easily assume that you have played many racing games before. Have you ever played with cars that have manual gears? No.

And that is why you will be surprised to see that the game is supporting manual gears. Of course, the default mode is auto gears.

But you have the option to change to the manual gear. It gives you the feel of actually driving the car along the racing track.

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